Three Cool Graphics for Your Pet Business

If you are building a pet sitting and walking business, you will need to advertise excessively across the city. Since many pet sitters and dog walkers perform their jobs on the go, your signs will be smaller, but they will need to pack a significant punch. If you want to be the cool, new pet business in town, it will be easier to attract customers via great graphics. Here are three cool graphics that you can have created for your pet care business.

Pet Silhouettes

Some of the best graphic signs that are created are simple, yet beautiful. For your new pet business, use pet silhouettes and place the writing in them. A cat and a dog silhouette in a cute position will give you the space to write out your business offerings, business name, and contact information. The silhouette of the pets should be large enough to include the written information as well as distinguish the identity of the dog or cat breed.  These simple signs are also easy for pet owners to take a quick photo of and easily read when they return home. 

Animal clique

Being able to get all of the pets together for a group photo is more than just something cute to send to the owners or place on social media. A group photo of all of the pets getting along makes for a compelling advertisement and a great graphic. Attempt to get a photo of pets of different breeds and colors and have the photo appropriately filtered. Be sure to photograph all of the types of pets that you take care of so that there is no guess work involved. Have all of the pets look upwards and place the wording towards where the pets are looking.

Pampered Pets

Most animal parents, especially millennial owners, want to know that their pet is being well taken care of. Create a graphic of dogs laying out in lawn chairs and enjoying the "dog days of summer" with the humans waiting on them. Dress up the cats as Egyptian gods and goddesses and photograph them enjoying hand-fed treats. This graphic is cute, funny, and will give a clear indication on how you treat the animals when they are in your care. To get animals that are in the right position, you will need to hire a professional graphics firm to position and Photoshop the picture in the right place. A company like 10 West Commercial Graphics can give you some more guidance.