Attracting Attention With Free Shirts

If you have just opened a new store in the area, you will want to do as much as you can to attract customers to browse inside your establishment. One way to get attention is by giving away promotional items. When potential customers receive a shirt as a gift or a prize, they will most likely wear it with pride as it was something they had received at no cost. The information you place on the shirt would then be seen by others around town. Here are a few ways you can attract new customers with the types of free shirts you give away.

Try Some Airbrushing

Hire a graphic designer to make handmade shirts for your shop. Have them include the specifics such as address and phone number in the design, using a flowing script handwriting. If possible, have the designer come to your shop during a grand opening event to make the shirts for people on the spot. This is a fun way to get your business' name in the public eye with a great looking piece of apparel that will be cherished by the recipients.

Use Photographs

Have a shirt designing company make shirts for your store to include photos of the interior or the employees. This will allow people viewing the shirt to see first-hand what it looks like in your establishment or whose friendly faces they will encounter if they were to visit your store.

Add Personalization

Have shirts designed to include names of the recipients receiving them. If you are giving the shirts away as prizes, you can have the shirts printed with the winners' names right on the fabric. This is a wonderful way to give something to a potential customer they will appreciate. It will most likely get worn frequently as many people enjoy showing off personalized items to others, since they are unique.

Make It Formal

Consider giving away shirts like the rest of the employees within your business wear. Embroidered shirts are conservative and professional. Having someone wear a shirt with your logo on the front pocket will capture attention from others.

Add Specifics

A colorful t-shirt with cartoon characters or area specific information placed upon them will be sure to please. Place extra advertising on the shirt such as a schedule of sale items or brand names you sell in your establishment. Add a webpage or social media address on the back of the shirt so people viewing someone's back when they are in line can read the information, perhaps making a visit to the store on their own in their spare time.

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